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Late Summer 2011

The art and poetry of perfumery

Dear Friends,

There is so much to tell since I last wrote, where to begin?  Let me start by sharing a little story.

I’ve been having a love affair…gasp!  Early June, a dear friend of mine personally introduced me to Jude the Obscure, an award winning, gloriously lavish, double-full bloom, hypnotically plush, peach-tinted English Rose.  I instantly fell in love.  Or shall I say, under his spell.

Jude the Obscure exudes, in my opinion, the most intoxicating ambrosia of any rose I have ever smelled.  The scent is a lush combination of fleshy apricot-guava, sumptuous rosy-jasmine, velvety coconut, sweet honey, and clean indole musk that only serves to draw you closer.  This flower casts a magical net, a parfum-pull, from which you can not escape.  And I have not.  As Jude took up residence in our home, my husband would walk by him without even a glance.  I, on the other hand, couldn’t pass him without feeling the pull, the drag, caused by the fragrant aura.  I always drew in close for a whiff.

Even perfumers must admit that a scent like this will never, and could not ever come out of a bottle.  It would be a futile exercise; akin to taking a photo in heaven and hoping to capture the exposed image.  Impossible.

As with any lover, one becomes curious about their past…am I right?  So began a bit of research.  Jude the Obscure was bred by David Austin and introduced by David Austin Roses Limited (UK) in 1995.  His registration name is AUSjo, a true English Rose.  The shrub is considered fine in dry climates, and may ‘ball’ in the rain, only to create a more beautiful, Peony-like blossom.

An interesting side note:  Jude the Obscure is named after the lead character and novel of the same name by English author Thomas Hardy.  A controversial, tragic novel, the book was banned and even burned by the BIshop of Wakefield in 1895.  I wonder why this drama became the inspiration for such an otherworldly English Rose. Hmmm…..

Meanwhile, as I enjoyed my dalliance with Jude, 40notes Perfume was having a grand adventure herself that began in January and has thankfully continued all year.

As most of you know, the new 40notes on-line shop is ready.  www.40notes.com/shop.

The up-close photos are gorgeous thanks again to master photographer Edis Jurcys. You can really see the gold jewelry tag hanging around the neck of each bottle, along with the blind-embossing on the royal purple suede bag. The Japanese Origami flower box holds the seven vials of perfume for the sample kit, looking just like the chartreuse Chrysanthemum that inspired it.

Last winter, I was tickled pink (who says that any more?) to be included in one of Portland’s finest bricks & mortar pop-up-shops, “Flurry”.  For three months 40notes took up residence selling alongside a group of fashion, jewelry and accessory designers.  While there, I met and was interviewed by Becki J. Singer, blogger of the pitch-perfect fashion blog www.shoppingsmycardio.com. She wrote a fantastic review of the line for Neighborhood Notes, (no relation to me yet what an interesting title) which happen to publish on my birthday!

From there, things kept getting better.

The Collection will be carried on www.indiescents.com, the super cool perfume website, sister to LuckyScent.com and their bricks & mortar store ScentBar in LA. Owners Franco Wright and Adam Eastwood showcase artisan niche perfumers to the world. Available by September, if not sooner.

And two new beautiful-object stores, my favorite kind, will be carrying the Collection:

Betsy&Iya at NW 24th & Thurman here in Portland just opened.  Brand new, this shop is having a grand opening party later this month on the 19th.  Stop by if you’re in pdx and meet me and owner/jeweler Betsy Cross.  Info on the left.

And close to my heart, the lovely MAISON K on Coast Village Road in Montecito, just near Santa Barbara, CA will carry the line starting September. Designer proprietress Kimberly Phillips has an unmatched eye for beauty and her shop is a treasure of fine objects.  Both 40notes and I were born in Santa Barbara!!

Along with all this retail energy, I completed a 4-month collaboration with a bride for her custom wedding scent.  The perfume is, of course, one of a kind, but I can tantalize you with the description:  South American Palo Santo wood is accented with White Ginger and a hint of rare Green Mango Leaf.  The bride chose a faceted glass bottle with deep green cut crystal stopper.  The finished fragrance actually sat on the altar at the wedding.  Magnificent!  She kindly wrote a heartfelt testimonial of her experience.

Well, it’s no wonder I’ve not written with all this activity…

Thank you for reading the update.  When you get a chance, seek out Jude the Obscure; he’s sure to become your new secret passion.

As always, follow what you love, and as the poet Rumi teaches:

“Let the beauty we love be what we do”.

Feel Beautiful,


To purchase 40notes collection, samples, or for retailer information, email: info@40notes.com

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